We’re back for our November newsletter, see what’s been happening and what’s coming up

Upcoming events

MBO Open day
We are having our open day for members! A social event to get to know the people in our amazing community, have a bbq together and of course go for a ride together
We’ve got a few things on offer this year! Free shuttles in the morning for members, free bbq lunch provided by Design Windows! A kids race sponsored by Bike Dunedin! And the official opening of the full Design Windows Easy Down
10am – 12:30pm Free shuttles for members
12:30pm – 1:30pm Free bbq lunch for members provided by Design Windows
1:30pm – 2pm Kids chocolate fish race Sponsored by Bike Dunedin
2:30pm ride up and race down the Design Windows Easy Down
Unfortunately, our previous AGM could not go ahead. This was due to a rule with incorporated societies where we need 15% of the membership to attend an AGM. Without that number, we were unable to hold the AGM and elect a new committee.
Fortunately, we are able to hold an SGM (Special General Meeting) to change that rule to something more practical with a growing membership. We could not change this on the night of the last AGM as we need 2 weeks of public notice of an SGM to hold one.
We would like to invite you to our SGM starting at 7 pm on Thursday the 17th of November at the Otago Motorcycle Club Rooms, 3 Clark Street, Dunedin.
We would also like to invite you to our AGM starting at approximately 7:15 pm on Thursday the 17th of November also at 3 Clark Street, Dunedin.
Come along and support the club, ask questions, and have a bite to eat with us (we are providing food!) The bar will be open and cash is preferable if you would like a drink
Agenda and supporting documents are available on our website
Strava Timed Descents

Make sure you have a go at this months Strava Timed Descent. This month, its at Whare Flat and once again sponsored by Leading Electrical Dunedin. Spot prizes are $50 cash for members of MBO or 1 years individual membership if you’re not! You just have to record a time on the segment be into win. Check out more information below

More events

Event registrations are opening on Thursday 3rd of November for the Emerson’s 3 Peaks Enduro! Check out their website for more details. Once again we’re giving them a hand with the event https://3peaksenduro.com/

We’ve also got an upcoming enduro series leading into 3 Peaks right here in Dunedin. We will have our more entry level Funduros as well in 2023 so keep your eyes peeled! 

DH and XC events are also being planned. We will let you know when some more details are finalized 

Check out the events calendar powered by trailforks. We’ll still be putting everything on facebook as well

Event Reports

Naseby 12 hour

Bikeitnow Specialized Naseby 6 & 12 hour finally made an appearance after 18 tough months of covid, it certainly was a pleasure to bring this annual event back for its 17th year.

The event is fortunate to have a tremendous group of long time Sponsors and food suppliers, without those people and groups this event would not be able to happen, they provided over $15,000 worth of Team and spot prizes throughout the day and at prizegiving.

We thank them all;

Bikeitnow Central Otago along with Specialized as principal sponsors


Design Window Dunedin and Central Otago

Rabbit Ranch

Nidd Realty

Adventure Outfitters

Logic Group











Oil Changers

Our great land owners;

Naseby Holiday park and Ernslaw One Ltd

Food suppliers;


Mr Whippy central

Middlemarch swimming club

Richard our sound man for the vibe

Ezi-Store for there truck to run up our gear

Mosgiel Mini Digger hire for there trailer

Red Cross for 12 hours out in the field keeping us safe and also to Rose Chambers a doctor that helped attend to some stiches (I have a bottle of wine for Rose if she can contact me).

Getting to set up was the biggest challenge we had with 3-6 inches of snow around Otago on the Wednesday and closed roads leading to Naseby was the next issue for the MBO crew, in true kiwi spirit the show went on thanks to RTL transport for the use of a curtainsider trailer for a stage and Phil Dowling a local farmer for pitching in to tow it in with his tractor.

Running a couple of hours late for Rego we finally got underway about 3.30pm on Friday.

Saturday morning wake up call at 7am is always, Bicycle by Queen. From there, 460 riders assembled at 9am for the Le Mans start from under the MBO banner. It was a great sunny day and mild evening, the 6 hour started from the swimming dam at 3pm and they blended into the event with no drama.

We had a near record number of Solo 6 and 12 hour riders so hats off to those riders for making this event one of the larger solo events this year.

Mr Whippy gave away $100 for the best dressed Team -Go Go Power Rangers, and $100 for the best dressed all day Alice Hore.

Coffee2go Junior riders , cash prize was ,Female-Siena Machley with a 36 .09, male-Simon Tomkins with a 37.22

Fastest Female rider, Emily Lynch with a 32.19 and Male- Tim Rush 27.54

This year we introduced an E-bike teams class and a 6 hour solo class this will only grow looking at the faces of some of the riders, we tried to send them on different climbs to help with different bike speeds, what we did learn was we need to separate them for longer, this will happen next year as we look to take them on as much of there own course as the forest will allow.

All in all the numbers were a little lower than we wanted but a great start back post covid, so thank you all for making this happen MBO and all the volunteers are excited about next year so save the date now Saturday 7th October 2023, tell your mates and businesses, come along an enjoys the 18th Naseby 6 &12 Hour.

Projects and Trails

Signal Hill
Toilet and Bike wash

The new toilet block at Signal Hill is nearly finished. We’re just waiting for our final plumbing inspection, then the last of the linings will go on and the fit out can be completed. Next to the toilet we’re building a bike wash – something that’s likely to get a lot of use during the winter months.  We’ve finished the excavation for this and will be pouring concrete in the next week or two.  We have 250 concrete blocks to lay, so if anyone is handy at block laying, please get in touch.  The bike wash is over and above our original plans, so we’re trying to eek out our funding as much as we can.


bike wash pit
Orange Roughy

Orange Roughy has had a lot of work done recently! We’ve still got a bit more to do, but the new bits have been running great!


We had a huge turnout for our first planting session at Signal Hill a couple of weeks ago, with 25 people helping to plant around the finish jumps.  When the toilet is open we’ll have a lot more people riding or walking across the car park, and we don’t want them passing through the landing area for the finish jumps. Installing a fence wasn’t a safe option as people might crash into it, so we planted several rows of grasses to make some ‘soft’ barriers.  We also planted along the ditch behind the toilet, as this forms part of the bike wash water treatment system. Big thanks to the DCC for supplying the plants and to everyone who turned up. Hopefully we can do some more planting sessions next winter. 


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