After quite a hiatus, we’re restarting the newsletter. We want to give you a summary of projects and what’s happening with MTB in Dunedin. We owe you that! Seeing as it’s been a while, this one is a bit long.. but that just means there’s been a lot going on! Keep your eyes out for these at the start of each month. If you’ve got questions about MBO, get in contact by clicking the link in the banner or send us a message on facebook

Upcoming events

Naseby 12 hour

Naseby 12 hour is back for the 8th of October. Enter now if you haven’t already! We’ve had a lot of teams enter as just 1 person. If you have team members or friends and family that want to enter, please can you help us by getting them to do so as soon as possible. We currently have a large number of teams with just 1 entrant, all team members must enter not just the captain. 


The MBO AGM is coming up on the 22nd of September. 7 pm at the Otago Motorcycle Clubrooms, 3 Clark Street, Dunedin. All welcome, nibbles provided by MBO, and Drinks will be available from the Bar. This is a good chance to ask some questions, get to know some of the people who run the club, and even join the committee! We have a lot of roles within the committee that gets filled each year, but if something interests you then get in contact. We love more helpers 

Roles that need to have nominations emailed prior to Greg 

  • President 
  • Vice President 
  • Secretary 
  • Treasurer  

Other committee roles to be filled at our first meeting of the season 

  • Enduro Coordinator 
  • Downhill Coordinator 
  • Cross Country Coordinator 
  • Social media  
  • Membership 
  • Maintenance Coordinator 
  • Marketing and Sponsorship  

Strava Timed Descents

Make sure you have a go at this months Strava Timed Descent. For September its back at Signal Hill and once again sponsored by Leading Electrical Dunedin check out more information below

More events

Check out the events calendar powered by trailforks. We’ll still be putting everything on facebook as well

We will be announcing more events soon for Enduro, Downhill and Cross Country  but keep the 10th of December in your calendar for the MBO open day. We’ll have free shuttles running for members thanks to Dunedin Bike Shuttles and a Funduro in the afternoon with the usual BBQ and refreshments. It’s going to be a great day! 

Projects and Trails

Signal Hill

Signal Hill 4WD track has a little bit of work still to go. It will be graded and finished soon! It’s already seen a lot of use from those who prefer a faster way up the hill which is great. Also a lot better in winter! The road leading into the carpark will also be getting a tidy up shortly. Thanks Hamish (MBO) for organizing all this and Andrew Bailey from M3 contracting

Signal Hill toilet has been many years in the making. Starting from getting the access road and new car park made. Purchasing the toilet building, arranging a septic holding tank, getting a water supply down the 4wd track. It’s been a big mission (more than most of us thought!). It should be completed before summer! We’re also installing a bike wash station next to the toilet for all to use, a great asset for winter riding and those unfortunately wet races. It’s been a massive effort by so many in the committee and outside. Special thanks to Peter Campbell from P.Campbell Contracting and Donovan Isted from Lanark Bathrooms

If you’re keen to give back to your trails, come along to a Sunday digs session.  This is how trails like Emersons Big Easy and Design Windows Easy Down have been built.  Hamish and the crew have been working on Easy Down to keep it running over winter, and they’ve been fixing up the Butt Track after a couple of slips.  We have ‘MTB Church’ sessions most weekends, starting at 9am. Upcoming sessions are posted to our Facebook page, and there are a heap of photos of what we get up to.
The Tuesday night Sig Digs crew are going hard as well! They’ve been tidying up various trails getting them ready for summer riding. We bought them a stack of new tools lately which they’ve been putting to good use. Look them up on Facebook if you’d like to head along.
There’s been a lot of windfall lately and some of those trees have been a bit big so the DCC have been happy to help us sort them out. There has been a lot and Craig Alter our maintenance man has been very busy as well. Thanks to all those other volunteers keeping the tracks clear! You’ve earnt some serious trail karma
Nicols Creek
Nicols Graveling is another project years in the making. We’re getting everything lined up for this. We needed to wait for the right gravel, get it carted to the top, make sure it’s not too wet that it won’t empty from the heli buckets, and have everyone available! We’re aiming to get this done before the end of the year. Sorry it’s taken so long to get here! The donations made to the project are greatly appreciated. MBO Crews have been in there over winter keeping things tidy as well
Whare Flat
With the logging at Whare Flat, the trail crews up there have been working really hard to get new trails built in areas not lined up for logging in the near future. A huge thank you to Polson Higgs who awarded MBO a grant at the end of last year for $1000! We’ve spent this on a pile of new tools for the various Whare Flat trail crews as well as some leftover cash from Whare Flat Funduros. Remember, going to our events puts more cash towards the trails you love!
Upcoming Projects

We don’t want to announce anything until we’ve got our ducks in a row, boxes ticked and everything lined up. But we’re sure you’ll be jumping for joy with what’s to come. Stay tuned to the monthly updates for upcoming announcements 


Our new membership year has started! If you didn’t already know, we’ve recently moved our membership system over to Hivepass. This has a few awesome benefits for you and us. 
  • A new app for you to see your membership status. Easily sign up and pay through the app 
  • When you sign-up, you’ll be a member for a full 12 months rather than for the rest of our membership season 
  • Deals for members within the app 
  • Our new newsfeed where you’ll get notifications for trail closures, events and more  
  • Coming soon – you’ll be able to easily enter and pay for our events 

    For us, its makes admin a lot easier. Less admin means more time to spend on growing MTB in Dunedin

    Not a member yet? Click here to sign up now! Download the app and get access to member deals and more!

    Our fantastic Supporters

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