OFF THE CHAIN $for$ SUPPORT! – Knocking Nicols Off! 

For every donation you make on our Givealittle page between November 23 and November 30, Jeremy, Mel and Joel from Off the Chain will match the amount up to $1000 in total. We cannot realise this opportunity without the support and generosity of people like you so please head to our Givealittle page and let’s Knock Nicols Off!

 It has been a year of ups and downs for us all, but thanks to Off the Chain, we are now approaching the home straight and closing in on the $40,000 funding target for this exciting project!

Many of us know that Jeremy, as a Dunedin bike mechanic, is in a league of his own. And we know that he is a formidable competitor too, but frankly I am blown away by the character and commitment and contribution that these people make to our projects and to the cycling community. To put it simply, we don’t know how lucky we are to have their unwavering support.

So get yourselves into Off the Chain at 260 Cumberland Street and support their business as a token of our admiration and appreciation. Maybe think about Xmas vouchers or a service before the Xmas break.

 We thank you for your generous support – we can’t wait to see you up at Nicols; it’s going to be great!

16 November Update: $31,980 raised.

Really great to see the love for this track, not far to go now!

$5760 from Give-a-Little donations

$2225 from direct donors

$3150 from Mercy Hospital specialists

$600 from Fresh Choice Roslyn

$2300 from Ground Effect

$15000 from DCC Annual Plan Grant

$1000 Leith Joinery

$1000 Cycle World Dunedin

$945 Dunedin Orienteering

Please share the Give-a-Little page on your social media if you can.

Nicols Heli-Gravel Fundraiser

fundraising thermometer

Fund raising has begun for heli-gravelling the top section of Nicols Creek Switchback Track. We have exhausted our options (and crew) gravelling as far as we can with dumpers and barrows and we need to complete the remainder of the new top section by chopper. This will help weather-proof the track and keep it usable. Without gravel the track will cut up and become a bog.

A Give-a-Little page has been started and you can donate right here. All donations are tax deductable and Give-a-Little receipts are fully IRD compliant.

If you wish to donate a larger amount, we’d prefer you did it directly to the club’s bank account to save on fees – please use the Contact Us form to request a receipt. Our bank account is Westpac (use “Nicols” as the reference) :

Heli-gravelling the top section in red
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Ann · September 27, 2020 at 7:33 am

Receipt please, with grateful thanks for all the fantastic biking tracks we have on our doorstep- Ann, Finn and Joe

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