Whare Flat Logging 11th July 2022

UPDATE: Logging begining 11th July 2022

Unfortunately, the time has come for logging to begin at Whare Flat and a number of our trails will be affected. Firstly, we would like to thank City Forests for the use of Whare Flat where we are able to build awesome trails and hold events. They continue to be great for the club to work with and we’re so grateful to have the access that we do.
Logging is scheduled to start in mid July 2022 in the area highlighted on the map. We haven’t got an exact date yet, but we will be sure to let you know as soon as we do. From the date of closure there will be no access, even on weekends, no exceptions. Appropriate signage will be put in place.
At this stage we can’t be too sure when we will be able to get back in there and rebuild the existing trails once logging has finished, but we will keep you in the loop
We’re also working hard to get new trails in other areas of the forest up and running, so keep your eyes peeled for those! If you’re interested in helping, send us a message!
Please respect all closures, it is key to maintaining our great relationship with City Forests and allowing us to continue to have access to the forest in the future

The list of trails that will be closed are:
Mackie Dackie
Tin Man
Te Ara Horoeka
Schlong Grind
Evil Shenanigans
Necessary Evil
Stifflers Mum
Boomer Remover
Little Surprises
Sticky Bottom
Three Little Pigs
Coronation Street
High T
Root & Shoot
Rockin Roller
Two Ronnies
Bacon Extract

Closed roads:
Middle Road
Burma Road
Bier Road
South Road (from Three Mile Hill Road to Burma Road)

Green Mile 2 will also be closed, although not being logged, it finishes on a closed road


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